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  • Year: 2022
  • Location: ATHENS


Can a building dating back to 1930 be transformed into a modern home that meets the complex and multidimensional needs of city life? That was the not-so-simple challenge we faced in the case of this particular apartment in the center of Athens. The house is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of a building strongly influenced by the Bauhaus movement. Indeed, this influence served as a starting point and reference for Theodore Zoumboulakis. He created a functional and contemporary home while simultaneously adhering to the values and principles of sustainability. Therefore, the choice of materials and finishes was based on the criterion of preserving aesthetic consistency with the strict and minimalist style of the building.

A notable exterior intervention was the addition of a unique metal roof. This surface, carefully outfitted with solar panels, became the linchpin for the residence’s energy upgrade. To further enhance the integration of green elements, we introduced additional planted roofs. The final resulet is a geometric and sculptural roofing design that resonates with contemporary architectural sensibilities. The roof’s dynamic facets, adjusting to the sun’s angles throughout the day, contribute to its aesthetics. They also maximize energy absorption from the photovoltaic panels.

These distinctive facets of the roof gracefully extend into the building’s interior, forming a captivating ceiling. The continuity of stone flooring, extending from the terraces to a significant portion of the internal spaces, seamlessly unifies the outdoors with the indoors, facilitating fluid transitions. Theodore Zoumboulakis aptly concludes, “Creating a building as energy-efficient as possible posed a challenge for both the design and construction team, as well as for the owner.